Own Work
Independent Recording & Sound Production Studio
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WHEN, WHAT, WHERE: Events in Jerusalem

An application displaying cultural events in Jerusalem. It's an project launched in September 2021.
It has a near zero carbon footprint with an average file size less than 20K and only 0.12g of CO2 is produced every time someone visits a page (making this site cleaner than 99% of web pages tested.)
No heavy frameworks or scripting, pure PHP8 + MySQL, minimal HTML5 + CSS3, six lines of JavaScript per file, and two free fonts: Open Sans and IBM Plex Arabic Sans (supporting Latin, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic text.)
Works on any device and screen size with absolute minimal bandwidth usage.
Designed and coded to radically reduce the time and energy use associated with viewing, adding or editing the content.
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Boutique Hotel
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WHEN, WHAT, WHERE: Events in Jerusalem


#Website for a little boutique hotel in Ein Karem, Jerusalem.
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μLOG is a little bi-directional web publishing tool for personal websites.
I built it in 2018 for myself and have improved it ever since.
μLOG can be a portfolio or a #blog, or even something else, it all depends on the content and the way it is presented.
Since 2021 I've been using μLOG as a CMS system for all my clients' websites.
*This site, you are viewing it right now, is using the 2021 version.
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