Scope of Work

27 Mar. 2023
When I explore infrastructure sites, I am filled with a mix of exaltation and terror. In 2018, a friend took me through the Port of Oakland on his sailboat, where we watched a container ship unload. [...]
23 Mar. 2023
The Scope of Work Member community is a space for learning together and tackling the vexing challenges inherent in making physical things. The #general-questions channel is among the most active on [...]
20 Mar. 2023
Located in lower Manhattan, the Oculus is a modern transportation hub with a soaring glass ceiling that is supported by a white steel-ribbed spine. Recently, as I walked through its pristine marble [...]
16 Mar. 2023
There’s a good chance the things I donate to my local thrift store aren’t reused in my community. Instead, they’re likely bundled up in wholesale quantities and shipped around [...]
13 Mar. 2023
One of things I like about having young children is that they ask simple questions with seemingly simple answers. That is, of course, until you try to answer them. While running a bath for my son [...]
6 Mar. 2023
One of the more interesting aspects of hanging out around young kids is watching them fail at something. Kids are constantly failing at something, and the ways in which they might misunderstand a [...]
2 Mar. 2023
How Parking Lots Shape Our Cities for the WorseFor every boat at a marina in Miami, Florida, there is by law an equal number of parking spaces on land for cars. Strip clubs in Boise, Idaho, are [...]

Popular Mechanics

27 Mar. 2023
We're about to understand so much more about the universe.
27 Mar. 2023
The Patton series of tanks debuted around 1950, meaning they’ve been in continuous service for 73 years. Not bad for a tank that left U.S. Army service in 1997.
27 Mar. 2023
Each atmospheric river carries the same volume of water as 25 Mississippi Rivers. This is how we can use them to prevent climate disaster.
27 Mar. 2023
Despite what politicians say, the science doesn't check out.
27 Mar. 2023
Your plant-growing season can start long before warm weather hits—all it takes is a wooden cold frame box with a transparent roof. Here's how to build one of these mini-greenhouses yourself.
24 Mar. 2023
Keep your lawn beautiful—and ditch the gas—as we enter spring.
24 Mar. 2023
Easy to build, hard to master.