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25 Jan. 2023
OPINION: It’s sustainable, nutritious and delicious. Scientists need to ramp up efforts to meet this urgent need.
24 Jan. 2023
From the Big Bang to dark energy, knowledge of the cosmos has sped up in the past century — but big questions linger
19 Jan. 2023
Paleogenomic research has expanded rapidly over the past two decades, igniting heated debate about handling remains. Who gives consent for study participants long gone — and who should speak for them today?
18 Jan. 2023
The liquid that our mouths produce isn’t just a lubricant. It plays an active role in how we perceive taste and can influence what we choose to eat, researchers are discovering.
17 Jan. 2023
The technology could transform how growers protect their harvests, by detecting plant diseases very early on. But the challenge is to develop tools that are as affordable as they are effective.
12 Jan. 2023
The ‘tripledemic’ unfolding this winter is one of several odd trends among respiratory virus infections these last years. Viruses, it turns out, can block one another and take turns to dominate.
11 Jan. 2023
Innovative thinking has done away with problems that long dogged the electric devices — and both scientists and environmentalists are excited about the possibilities
9 Jan. 2023
OPINION: Research highlights six key principles for better learning
22 Dec. 2022
Beef, chicken and dairy made from cultured cells could offer a smaller footprint than conventional farms. Companies are working on scaling up and bringing prices down.
21 Dec. 2022
Researchers are investigating medicines that selectively kill decrepit cells to promote healthy aging — but more work is needed before declaring them a fountain of youth
21 Dec. 2022
Whether fly or human, fleeing from danger is key to staying alive. Scientists are beginning to unravel the complex circuitry behind the split-second decision to beat a hasty retreat.
19 Dec. 2022
OPINION: Systemic inequity means women in the US die younger and suffer more than they should. It’s time for health for all.
14 Dec. 2022
Even for 60ish youngsters, researchers reaffirm that exercise is essential. But just walking won’t cut it — break out the weights and go for strength training too.
12 Dec. 2022
Can the famous parasitic plants help animals to survive climate change, or will they be killed off by extreme weather?
8 Dec. 2022
How do animal populations respond to climate change? After studying the same butterfly and its habitats for decades, two biologists explain that it’s complicated — but endlessly intriguing.
6 Dec. 2022
After long debate, economists and philosophers are reaching consensus on how to value future generations
5 Dec. 2022
El amado animal ha dado forma a la historia humana durante milenios, al igual que la humanidad ha influido en su evolución —pero solo recientemente los científicos han descubierto exactamente cuándo y dónde este animal pasó de salvaje a domesticado—.
1 Dec. 2022
Scientists are just beginning to study the impacts of beaver dams on the tundra
28 Nov. 2022
Fossilized leaves and pollen are revealing the evolutionary past of New World tropical forests. The findings are helping to reshape predictions of what might happen to these ecosystems as the climate changes.
22 Nov. 2022
It’s like radar, but with light. Distributed acoustic sensing — DAS — picks up tremors from volcanoes, quaking ice and deep-sea faults, as well as traffic rumbles and whale calls.
17 Nov. 2022
Cheese is not just a tasty snack — it’s an ecosystem. And the fungi and bacteria within that ecosystem play a big part in shaping the flavor and texture of the final product.
16 Nov. 2022
For thousands of years, humanity has had a love affair with cement and concrete. But now, industry groups and researchers are seeking solutions to the huge amounts of carbon dioxide that cement-making generates.
14 Nov. 2022
Several species of urban-dwelling birds have modified their songs in response to human-generated noise
11 Nov. 2022
OPINION: For the world to hit its climate goals, the European Union needs to take the lead, ditch coal and write the rule book for green hydrogen
11 Nov. 2022
It’s an agricultural moonshot: Scientists hope to increase plant yields by hacking photosynthesis, the process that powers life on Earth