23 Jan. 2023
Made in collaboration with his two kids, Pedro Guimarães’ book is a different take on the family album—one that bounces back and forth between imaginations to conjure up the spectres, smiles and scrapes of childhood.
23 Jan. 2023
Former LensCulture Award winners share their best creative advice as well as tips for advancing your career as a portrait-maker and photographer. The second in a two-part series.
16 Jan. 2023
Across a collection of archival images, cyanotypes, newspaper clippings and natural ephemera, Luis Carlos Tovar revisits an unspoken family memory to explore the thorny process of reconciling with Colombia’s past.
8 Jan. 2023
Former LensCulture Award winners share their best creative advice as well as tips for advancing your career as a portrait-maker and photographer. The first in a two-part series.
2 Jan. 2023
What makes some photographers return to the same places over and over again? Building their projects around a specific location, this collection of artists share a devotion to observing the rhymes and rhythms of a particular place.
29 Dec. 2022
Some of LensCulture’s most popular photo highlights from 2022 — a mix of new discoveries, photobook reviews, interviews, essays, solo exhibitions and visual stories.
27 Dec. 2022
38 curators, artists, editors and photography experts share their personal favorite photobooks from 2022 — a delightfully diverse list of great recommendations.
20 Dec. 2022
Weaving together portraits, landscapes, found objects, and advertising imagery in his new photobook, Shane Rocheleau presents an unsparing view of complicated American history.
9 Dec. 2022
Crista Dix, the Executive Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography and juror on this year’s Art Photography Awards, delights in discovering and showcasing new artists and their ideas.
6 Dec. 2022
Izabela Radwanska Zhang—the first female editor of British Journal of Photography and juror on this year’s Art Photography Awards—discusses her editorial vision, and how Art photography transcends other genres.
5 Dec. 2022
A visual love story to the most common automobile on the roads of Romania, and the people who drive them.
5 Dec. 2022
Brian Clamp, founder of CLAMP New York — and a juror in this year’s Art Photography Awards — offers candid insight and advice about the international art marketplace, galleries, career strategies, and more. 
29 Nov. 2022
Drawing on decades of experience in the fine art world, renowned gallerist Anna Walker Skillman offers her perspective on what’s shifted and what remains unchanged at the core of great photography.
29 Nov. 2022
A leading expert in the field shares her thoughts on the “golden age” of photobooks and offers advice to aspiring authors.
21 Nov. 2022
Fueling their artistic practice with a deep commitment to innovation, Ukrainian duo Synchrodogs’ latest project takes their dreamlike aesthetic to new terrain through a collaboration with Artificial Intelligence.
7 Nov. 2022
An ambitious, challenging, immersive “post-photographic” response to T.S. Eliot’s epic poem “The Waste Land” rises and resonates 100 years after the original writing.
1 Nov. 2022
For over five years, Jake Ricker has visited the Golden Gate Bridge almost every day to take photographs. His project pays tribute to the highs and lows of the human experience that play out against San Francisco’s iconic red-orange landmark.
1 Nov. 2022
Working in collaboration with their protagonists, Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer depict hopeful, powerful “utopian” visions for young women whose lives have been uprooted by forced migration.
30 Oct. 2022
A touching retirement story of a 43-year-old brown bear, and the 80-year-old animal trainer who has cared for her since birth.
26 Oct. 2022
In her new book “Some Say Ice”— an eerie portrait of the people, places and animals of the small Midwestern town of Black River Falls—Alessandra Sanguinetti confronts photography’s uneasy relationship to life and death.
14 Oct. 2022
Across his lyrical compositions of images, Paul Cupido uses black and white photography as a deeply personal, emotive language to explore the infinite possibilities of our natural surroundings.
10 Oct. 2022
In his tender portraits and landscapes in Central Park, Donavon Smallwood sees his work as a mirror for himself and “about being Black in a space of nature.”
9 Oct. 2022
Following the trail of an unresolved 30-year long treasure hunt in France, Emily Graham translates the obsession, symbolism and fever-dream determination encircling the ongoing mystery into an equally-enigmatic photobook.
7 Oct. 2022
Walking up to 20 kilometers on his roaming photo sessions, Sankardeep Chakraborty renders the streets of his adopted home of Japan otherworldly, celebrating light in his high-contrast black and white images.
2 Oct. 2022
In a world of color, what makes black and white photography stand out? We asked each of the experts who will be judging your entries to find out what they are looking for.