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23 Jan. 2023
Randomness follows / exploring a collection of old Wired articles via Kottke) / ‘Invisible Houses‘ are never really invisible / houses on film, six classics / Edinburgh recreated in Far Cry / exploring video game worlds with / a … Continue reading
17 Jan. 2023
Horror in the Modernist Block, a fascinating-looking exhibition that completely passed us by / Paris then and now / Rosecrans Baldwin on the diaphanous void that is the internet / fictional food, both good and bad (via MeFi) / ‘Batshit … Continue reading
10 Jan. 2023
Flashbak has a couple of galleries of London as it was it the recent past: King’s Cross before the ‘change’ and Photos of Vauxhall and South London in the 1980s. Both galleries feature the amazing photography of Peter Marshall / … Continue reading
3 Jan. 2023
Old things for a new year / the Japanese Portable Record Player Catalog / this 1950s Fender ‘Payola’ Telecaster has three sets of circuitry and outputs so that three guitar tracks could be recorded independently and simultaneously / the 1974 … Continue reading
19 Dec. 2022
Utterly random today. A new book celebrates the evolution of Barbie’s Dreamhouse / the eccentric (real life) homes of David Lee / 2022’s best experimental music, courtesy of Bandcamp / ‘You’re Being Lied to About Electric Cars‘ / sort of … Continue reading
4 Dec. 2022
Long exposure photographs of films by Jason Shulman / gig videos at Brodie Sessions / beautiful furniture by the Jan Hendzel Studio / ‘The Spooky Quest to Build a Google Maps for Graveyards‘ / always a great series, 52 things … Continue reading
25 Nov. 2022
Apologies for the downtime. On to the links. Enchanted Book collates rare book illustrations. Unfortunately, many of these will simply end up as fodder for the myriad art AIs that are flitting about, redefining the nature of commissioning, art and … Continue reading
8 Nov. 2022
Linked before, but worth keeping in mind: how a Mechanical Watch works, one of many beautifully detailed and animated explainers by Bartosz Ciechanowski / Snufkin: Melody Of Moominvalley, a new Moomin game coming soon / How pop band A-ha inspired … Continue reading
2 Nov. 2022
Bit late for all this stuff. Architect Breaks Down 5 Haunted Houses From Scary Films / related, a new era of haunted house horror fiction / still scary, This House Does Not Exist, a sort of AI-powered Dezeen. AI is … Continue reading
26 Oct. 2022
Cryonics continues to fascinate, giving us the excuse to dig out galleries of our visit to Alcor, over twenty years’ ago / the Italian ghost village of Craco / bold art and design by Andrew Footit / Slow Roads, a … Continue reading
23 Oct. 2022
‘Ode on the Death of a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes’ (Thomas Gray, 1747). The tub in question / one of the UK’s most important Modern Movement houses, High and Over, is for sale / the … Continue reading
18 Oct. 2022
The Folio Society is having a bit of a revival. Back in the 80s and 90s, it lurked in ads in the back of colour supplements, promising all sorts of enticing special offers (books for 99p, that kind of thing) … Continue reading
10 Oct. 2022
Tracing the History of the Green Book in Southern California / the Manhattan Population Explorer / selfie landscapes: ‘The Instagram capital of the world is a terrible place to be‘ / The Acrostic Edition, a short piece about the joy … Continue reading
2 Oct. 2022
Flux Gourmet is the new film by Peter Strickland, of Sonic Catering Band fame. It sounds like the film is influenced by the ethos of the band’s music / sort of related, When Music is Torture, on ‘music as a … Continue reading
27 Sep. 2022
How to deal with endless choice without being overwhelmed by amount of new music / unsurprising revelation: crop circles cost farmers money. Who knew they were still a thing? / sober, still interiors by Susan Bennerstrom / Lines and Colors … Continue reading
22 Sep. 2022
A random selection, starting with some architectural illustration by Michael Paul Lewis / landscapes by Clare Purser / paintings by Lotta Camilla Teale / art by Ian Beck / electronic sculptures by Eirik Brandal / Birkenhead’s ‘palace’ of outsider art … Continue reading
16 Sep. 2022
Digital hoarding: All is not vanity, an essay by Noga Arikha on our digital archives – ‘a new state of affairs in human history… no one knows quite what to do with the eerie fact that we seem to have … Continue reading
4 Sep. 2022
The tale of the unexpectedly real quest for Reagan’s golden walnut brain, a true story (via B3ta) about a parodic take on the Kit Williams’ celebrated Masquerade (1979), which can be read about in more detail at The Digital Antiquarian: … Continue reading
31 Aug. 2022
The future of robotics. Here are some Amazon Astro knock-offs – the grey area between ‘social robots’, toys, and home security devices: Miko, Misa, Vector, Skymee, Temi, Enabot, and countless other, presumably much lesser robots / a bit of Bowie, … Continue reading
26 Aug. 2022
A random collection today. London Underground Station, a recent addition to the always-entertaining Lego Ideas page (via Ian Visits) / farewell to artist Oliver Frey, the illustrator who brought the occasional homoerotic frisson to his cover art for Crash, Zzap!64 … Continue reading
22 Aug. 2022
It seems that Michael Heizer has finally finished City, his 200-acre, $40m megastructure in the depths of Nevada , half a century in the making. A decade or so ago, City was still seen as something fragile and intangible, a … Continue reading
20 Aug. 2022
A cascade of creativity of various types today. Twelve Custom Campers / Land-Rover 101 Forward Control camper conversion / the Combo Cruiser boat caravan / Space Invaders on the OP–Z / What to Actually Do About an Unequal Partnership / … Continue reading
9 Aug. 2022
Why are K-pop groups so big?, a visual analysis at the excellent Pudding. Also worth a click, How artists get paid from streaming, all about online music economics, and the self-explanatory The Unlikely Odds of Making it on TikTok / … Continue reading
2 Aug. 2022
Some more architectural insights: an interview with Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture / reviewing the writings of Mark Fisher / reviewing the life of Mike Davis / more Neom-related ragings: Line in the Sand, Head in the Clouds (‘Am I … Continue reading
27 Jul. 2022
Minecraft has a lot to answer for. This week’s reveal of more ‘detailed’ plans for Saudi Arabia’s vast Megastructure/EcoCity/Groundscraper adds more confusion and improbability to what was already the stuff of fevered dreams. The renders are lovely, albeit ominously modelled … Continue reading