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26 Jan. 2023

Debt is daunting—its labyrinth of complex rules, opaque governing bodies, and unique vernacular makes it difficult for the average consumer to understand. Concepts like credit scores, APRs, retroactive interest, and collateral can be overwhelming for financial services experts, let alone

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25 Jan. 2023

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24 Jan. 2023
24 Jan. 2023

We are thrilled to announce that a16z led the Series A investment in Voldex, a game studio that acquires, improves, and builds games on the massive user-generated content (UGC) platforms, Roblox and Minecraft.

Voldex was founded by CEO, Alex …

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24 Jan. 2023

Cyber incidents have reached a crisis level over the past decade. In 2021, the U.S. saw 1,862 data compromises, affecting nearly 300 million people (a nearly 100% increase from five years ago). Cybersecurity practitioners no longer wonder if they

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19 Jan. 2023
19 Jan. 2023

We’re starting to see the very early stages of a tech stack emerge in generative artificial intelligence (AI). Hundreds of new startups are rushing into the market to develop foundation models, build AI-native apps, and stand up infrastructure/tooling.

Many hot

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19 Jan. 2023

With the explosion of trends like product-led growth over the past several years, companies bought a significant amount of software through non-traditional channels, like product teams. As the macro environment has shifted and companies try to do more with less,

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19 Jan. 2023

Within every era of technology, the most talented entrepreneurs have taken unsolved problems and open questions and turned them into businesses.

In the early 2000s, the biggest open questions were social: how do you take a read-only interface and allow …

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18 Jan. 2023

Over the past four months, a little-known shopping app has quietly overtaken TikTok, YouTube, and Amazon to become the most downloaded free app in both the Apple App and Google Play stores in the U.S. Launched last September, Temu is

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5 Oct. 2022

Jimmy Lin is CSO of Freenome, which is developing blood-based tests for early cancer detection, starting with colon cancer. He is a pioneer in developing computational approaches to extract insights from large-scale genomic data, having spearheaded the computational analyses of the first genome-wide sequencing studies in multiple cancer types.  Lin talked to Future about the... Read More

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27 Sep. 2022

It’s been a little over a decade since Marc Andreesen famously declared that software was eating the world. He was right. Now, we’re in a new phase: There is powerful software everywhere we look, and we’ve been consuming it without much regard for the long-term effects. So much so that, today, we’re faced with an... Read More

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13 Sep. 2022

“Cities are technological artifacts,” Kevin Kelly once wrote, “the largest technology we make.” What if we looked at America’s cities not metaphorically as tech, but literally as a technological system? Rather than fighting about politics, we’d ask our cities the mundane questions that engineers and entrepreneurs ask about any other technology: “Is it expensive to... Read More

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1 Sep. 2022

Far too many products still fail because there’s simply no demand for them. How does that happen? Or, how do so many startups launch entire businesses without realizing users didn’t need their products?  By overlooking user research.  Every tech company has to build and ship new products to continue growing. And, whether there are 10... Read More

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31 Aug. 2022

This post originally ran here. Most great teams would agree, there’s nothing more powerful for executing on big ambitions than a clearly defined and well-communicated goal. But sometimes the stakes are much higher than usual. In these instances, a goal requires even more focus, execution, and clarity. All of these can be achieved through a... Read More

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30 Aug. 2022

Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz is the Bren Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering at the California Institute of Technology and a Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Development at the University of Cambridge. In this interview, we discuss recent advances in technologies that allow us to use stem cells to create embryo-like structures with a brain and... Read More

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29 Aug. 2022

Compared with many startups, 37signals cofounder Jason Fried’s views around workplace culture, structure, and strategy could be considered subversive. He’d call them “honest,” a word he uses often when describing his leadership style. The outspoken maker of Basecamp and HEY has cultivated a reputation as a tech industry contrarian over the past two decades with... Read More

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26 Aug. 2022

Welcome to Web3 Water Cooler, a moderated Slack chat about a trending topic in crypto. This week’s participants are Orca Protocol’s Chase Chapman, Austin Hurwitz of Venice Music, and IP lawyer Nuzayra Haque-Shah. NFTs are a web3 innovation, but the intellectual property frameworks surrounding them have been borrowed from a web2 world. This leaves web3... Read More

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23 Aug. 2022

The ease and speed with which you can now buy nearly anything — truly, anything — online is often taken for granted: not just food, but cars, homes, blue-chip art, even a college education. In the past 30 years, we have grown to trust the internet in a way we could never have imagined in... Read More

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18 Aug. 2022

Want to create an image of velociraptors working on a skyscraper, in the style of “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” of 1932? Use DALL-E. Want to create an imaginary standup comedy show by Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, and Larry Page? Use GPT-3. Want to deeply understand COVID-19 research and answer your questions based on evidence? Learn... Read More

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