The Art Room Plant

28 Jan. 2023

Atsuko Ishida makes people from cardboard scraps and paint and I love them. 

27 Jan. 2023


Two market drawings from the talented Cáit McEniff.

26 Jan. 2023


Dreaming of blossom and butterflies, whilst loving the observational work in the paintings of Kaori Someya.

25 Jan. 2023

Brilliantly fluid paintings and designs by French artist Geoffroy Pithon


24 Jan. 2023


Stunning observational work and often a consoling glow of light in the works of Japanese artist Kimio Muraoka 村岡貴美男.

23 Jan. 2023

Felipe Alonso's portraits are apocalyptic, devastating in their observation and clarity of sinew and suffering.

22 Jan. 2023

There is such charm to these glass sculptures by Tomoe Adachi, that I had to share them for the dawn of the year of the rabbit. 

22 Jan. 2023


Happy Chinese New Year, this year it is the year of the rabbit, the illustration is by Plastic Green Bear. 

21 Jan. 2023


Expressive portraits of young men by Eugene Shadko.

20 Jan. 2023


Sensitive layered paintings featuring children by artist Jean-Pierre Larocque, who works across a great variety of mediums to thoroughly explore his subject matter.

19 Jan. 2023

It is with joy that I have stumbled again on works by Robert Coutelas (1930-1985) and found some joyful examples that I have not previously featured.


18 Jan. 2023


Paintings by Gommaar Gilliams often dwell on themes, I adore his works that use the swan as a shape and emotion.

17 Jan. 2023


Although I haven't blogged ceramics here for years I often save beautiful ceramicists and ceramic finds on my Pinterest and one of these ceramicists has led me to these works by Rob Strati who using smashed fragments of historic ceramics, has been reinterpreting and growing these scenes using biro on paper and then sometimes animating the results. They're a unique and interesting take on broken crockery.

"This work was inspired by a plate from my wife's late mother, Barbara. One day it was dropped and shattered. Some time after, I picked up a pen and started working on the "Fragmented" series, exploring the possibilities of things broken and the stories that can evolve from them." Robert Strati

16 Jan. 2023


Delicate translucent painted papers make into stitched compositions by Wakako Asamitsu 朝光ワカコ.

15 Jan. 2023


Harriet Mena Hill uses chunks of demolished buildings to paint photo realistic images of the demolished buildings when they were inhabited and had light and life. 

14 Jan. 2023


The deliciously delicate and beautiful wire drawings of Kazunari Yamada.

13 Jan. 2023


Janny Bruinsma's paintings use a mixture of collage paint and textile to create the texture of thought and feeling and evoke the passage of time. 


12 Jan. 2023

This is the world's weirdest picture book. The kit of the . During the nursery practice, there are a lot of gardens that use origami as a play material, but there are surprisingly few play gardens that use arigami. "Rigami", but not just a present. This is an origami picture book that creates all kinds of expressions with a twist. No matter how you do it, a story will be created, "There you go!"  100%ORiGAMi

Rekko has created an interactive book using layered origami papers which can be torn away and the individual way in which they tear creates a unique story to be interpreted again and again.


11 Jan. 2023

 I have no idea what this character is by Airi Kuroda I like to think it's a clam, but what ever it is it makes me happy. 

10 Jan. 2023

Ayako Motonaga is an artist who combines embroidery with collage and assemblage. Normally I put all my textile finds on my Thread... blog but I feel this work suits the art room better, deliciously quirky, elegant and funny. 

9 Jan. 2023


Some works by graphic designer, Agata Yamaguchi.

8 Jan. 2023

Miniature works by Atsuko Ishida with ceramic frames. 


7 Jan. 2023

Fabulous, lively, humorous illustrations by Satoco Harunachico on textile objects and canvases,

6 Jan. 2023


Delicious tranquility of detail, of domestic life and beauty, rendered by Japanese artist ぼんた(小熊香奈子)

5 Jan. 2023


The soft, gentle pages of sketchbooks by A.R.S. Poetica.