BBC Middle East

27 Mar. 2023
His proposed changes provoked an outpouring of anger from nearly all parts of Israeli society.
28 Mar. 2023
Companies pay tiny amounts for recyclable waste in Beirut. Deiri Fayyad dives into bins to find it.
27 Mar. 2023
Israel is facing one of the biggest internal crises in its history - here's why.
27 Mar. 2023
Thousands demonstrate after the firing of Yoav Gallant - who spoke out over controversial judicial reforms.
27 Mar. 2023
Christian authorities changed clocks on Sunday, in defiance of a move meant to help fasting Muslims.
26 Mar. 2023
Fidaa Kiwan was jailed on drug charges but allowed to return home amid improving Israel-UAE relations.
24 Mar. 2023
The visit comes as the Israeli leader faces domestic turmoil over judicial reforms.
24 Mar. 2023
The US says it hit Iran-linked militia after a drone attack killed a US contractor.
24 Mar. 2023
Protests continue after MPs voted to stop the attorney general from being able to declare a leader unfit.
23 Mar. 2023
Action on Armed Violence say they have evidence that RAF strikes may have caused civilian deaths.
24 Mar. 2023
Protests that are rocking his country cast a shadow over the Israeli PM's flying visit.
22 Mar. 2023
A string of unauthorised communities sit on hills near Palestinian villages, deep inside the territory.
20 Mar. 2023
The BBC's Jeremy Bowen explains why Iraqis are still living with the consequences 20 years on.
19 Mar. 2023
Rising food prices mean Egyptians are struggling to put food on the table for their families.
17 Mar. 2023
Ali Abbas's life changed forever after he lost both of his arms and most of his family in the war.
19 Feb. 2023
Ali was on the phone to Viam when the earthquake hit. It took him eight days to find her body.
16 Feb. 2023
Wards cannot take new casualties, nor can homeless patients be discharged, the BBC finds.
14 Feb. 2023
BBC News investigates the tactics used by scammers to make money when natural disasters strike.
12 Feb. 2023
Exiled after competing in France while failing to wear a hijab, Sadaf Khadem says it is now her home.
12 Feb. 2023
"We've received nothing but God's mercy," one earthquake survivor tells Quentin Sommerville.
10 Feb. 2023
Two earthquakes have killed thousands of people in southern Turkey and northern Syria.
4 Feb. 2023
When Yisrael Amir fled the isolated sect, he brought with him tales of control, abuse and rape.
28 Jan. 2023
Two Iranian DJs hope their electronic compilation will bring more support to protesters back home.
25 Jan. 2023
With book prices doubling, Egyptian authors are also being more economical in their writing.
25 Jan. 2023
The tradition which began during World War One has been passed from father to son.