SSR Updates

Super Simple RSS Updates
30 Jan. 2023
Better UI for managing feeds.
30 Jan. 2023
21 Jan. 2023
18 Jan. 2023
And first user registration.
17 Jan. 2023

Yiiis! Accounts available! Contact and beg: me [at] altneu [dot] me

14 Jan. 2023

This is a DIY one person project. So, be patient if I don't answer mails immediately.

14 Jan. 2023
13 Jan. 2023

In the end I have integrated the smallest possible JQuery library (90K).

11 Jan. 2023

RTL feeds

4 Jan. 2023

Demo available. Drop me a line if you're interested.
me [at] altneu [dot] me

3 Jan. 2023

Well well well, upon the advice of my council, I have built a nice backend to manage feeds.

2 Jan. 2023

As for the sauces, as they say... I went through my blog of almost five years and scanned from where most of the content came from. These are about a hundred sources I actually follow. You may argue with the selection, but this is my selection. Learn to code and make your own or ask nicely and I'll give you my source even...
Of course the number of sources changes. I add, delete, and edit sources every now and then.

2 Jan. 2023

The amount of online social interaction - minimal. Privacy - maximal. Advertising - none. Algorithms - none. And so on...
RSS always was and still is the best format for communication online. RSS IS the format of The Internet.
All thanks to those early pioneers including Aaron. This little app is dedicated to him.

1 Jan. 2023

Pure PHP8 + MySQL. No frameworks, no JS. Minimal CSS3 and one local font.
Works on any device and screen size.

QR link codes provided by QR code API.

1 Jan. 2023

How fitting that the ABOUT section of this website is in reality an RSS feed.
This feed will periodically update with news and goings on in the code.

If you think your RSS feed is interesting drop me a line: me [at] altneu [dot] me and I'll take a look.
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