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27 Jan. 2023
NTWRK and Riot Games Partner with Milkman on Valorant™ Capsule Collection
Today, leading livestream shopping platform NTWRK announces a new partnership with Riot Games, developer and publisher of VALORANT, their wildly successful, free-to-play, first person tactical hero shooter.  In honor of VALORANT’s recently released Episode 6 cinematic, Riot partnered with culture-forward shopping app - NTWRK - to work with J Balvin’s creative director and multifaceted artist, Milkman, in order to create three apparel items inspired by iconic VALORANT Agents: German genius—Killjoy; Brazilian dynamo—Raze; and South Korean assassin—Jett.
27 Jan. 2023
A Portfolio: Ivana Štulić
Today on A Portfolio, we close out the week with the great works of Ivana Štulić, a New York-based Croatian artist that was one of our favorites at New York Academy of Art when we saw her work a few years ago. What she told in an interview a few years ago, "I believe I can best embody my ideas through figurative representation. When I think about the composition of the image it’ll start off with an initial vision, almost like how I imagine a cinematographer composing films, and paint until these visions are realized. It sounds sort of chaotic, but I see this process as quite simple. Although my paintings are figurative, I don’t want my images to be…
27 Jan. 2023
Superchief Gallery NFT Announces New Residency @ The Canvas 3.0, The Oculus, World Trade Center
Superchief Gallery NFT is proud to announce our new residency at The Canvas 3.0 at The Oculus at the Westfield World Trade Center. With our display partner WHIM, Superchief NFT will be producing over 40 NFT exhibitions in 2023, as well as educational programming & community events.
27 Jan. 2023
Evgen Čopi Gorišek: Paradise Lost and Found @ WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong
When in the late 15th century Hieronymus Bosch started conceptualizing his magnum opus The Garden of Earthly Delights, he was determined to portray the Catholic church’s idea of sin and its consequences. Driven by strong religious beliefs, he felt the urge to warn about the effect of worldly fleshy indulgence on the eternal afterlife. But what the Early Netherlandish master might’ve seen as a “fall from grace”, the 21st-century everyman sees as part of the human condition. And so, some 500 years later, Evgen Čopi Gorišek (b. 1994, Slovenia), took the essential elements of the epochal triptych to portray his vision of contemporary life and his own place in it.
27 Jan. 2023
Someone Turned Radiohead’s
It's Friday. Enjoy. Via Cracked Magazine: "Radiohead’s seventh album In Rainbows – released in 2007 – has been recreated using the sounds from the Super Mario 64 video game. Entitled In Rainbow Roads, the tracks are recreated using signature sound effects and music from the 1996 Super Mario game – including sound fonts from Bowser levels and the soundtrack for courses such as Shifting Sands Land and Big Boo’s Haunt." Created by on4word.
26 Jan. 2023
Ania Hobson's Defiant Day-To-Day Moments Paired with Barbara Kruger in NYC
Ania Hobson’s portraits of women, captured in moments of day-to-day life, stand perhaps in contrast to Barbara Kruger’s resounding knell of mortality. Yet this dialogue, between Hobson’s new body of work and the singular Kruger exhibited, reminds us that death, love and fear exist experientially in everyday moments, not as abstract concepts. Quotidian life overpowers symbolism, through the elevation of quiet human actions and moments. The work is being shown together now at Morgan Presents in NYC. 
26 Jan. 2023
Skaters Make Noise Sometimes:
This is long overdue and one for the literal history books. Our good friends at HUF have kicked off the new year with something special: a monograph celebrating their 2 decades! Founded in 2002 by Keith Hufnagel, the 20 Years of HUF hardcover book documents the first 20 years of the brand through interviews with the friends, creatives, crew, and personalities that continue to push it forward. Along with anecdotes from the OGs, the book features a deep dive into the brand’s work, including key collaborations, artwork, behind-the-scenes photography, artifacts, ephemera, and the pieces that never were.
26 Jan. 2023
Nusi Quero and Polyphia: The Making of Stage Armor
Stage presence is a real thing. The best bands, the best musicians, have this aura that is hard to describe in tangible words, but let’s just say you know it when you see it. Björk, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, they have that thing that rivets you when they perform. A lot of it has to do with what they are wearing on stage, that mixture of fantasy and make-believe, of mystery and impracticality, the kind of oh-so-important fashionable art that pumps up the music.
26 Jan. 2023
Free Dive: Kanoa Zimmerman's Underwater Photographs
In his series Free Dive, on view at Casemore Gallery, Kanoa Zimmerman creates underwater images that drop viewers into a dreamlike immersive experience—not otherworldly, but a version of our world, rendered literally and figuratively liminal—where the sun-filled sky bottoms into the surface of the ocean and the two co-mingle, tangling within a brief alignment of time and depth, refractions of light and form creating new perceptions. "Light behaves differently underwater. It bends and slows down, giving rise to optical phenomena," observes Zimmerman. "Our movements and heart rate also slow, our bodies suspended as if weightless. Without the normal metronome of breathing, time seems to stretch."
25 Jan. 2023
I Don't Know The Place, But I Know How To Get There: Friedrich Kunath in Los Angeles
The fact that in lieu of a press release, the painter and installation artist Friedrich Kunath provided a poem is apt. For his solo show, I Don't Know The Place, But I Know How To Get There, on view at Blum & Poe in Los Angeles, it feels like a conversation with time, something that is both natural and absolutely manmade and construted. Each work pits the forest and the sky with man, whether physical or technological, and yet there is something that feels at peace and at war. Maybe it's a tongue and cheek way of saying we are all on a path to somewhere, or maybe its just the collective reality. —Evan Pricco