2023-8-9 #siteoftheday
Charles Scalfini, the CTO of Panoramic Software, makes the case for why programmers should make the leap to functional programming, which promises more maintainable code, and eliminates some of the problems inherent to conventional languages.
The Future of Software-Controlled Cooking
Software allegedly rejects applicants based on 'race, age, and/or disability'
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2023-2-15 #article

I rarely

praise and give compliments on software. Especially when big tech firms are involved.
But, I've been testing and running it on an old machine, a new(er) machine and I got to admit: Windows 10 is an A-OK operating system.
Great work!
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Its GUI, mouse, and software greatly influenced the Macintosh
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*20 years ago I spoke out about "fake" working software presentations. Of course I was attacked by everybody and left the company soon after. To this day I think this is the stupidest way of selling a product. If it works show it, if not don't fool people into thinking something actually works.
2022-12-23 #siteoftheday
Check out how Japanese design studio Triple Bottom Line designed floating solar panels to protect nearby forested areas with the help of generative design software.
2022-11-14 #article
Dan O’Dowd says Tesla’s ‘Full Self Driving’ software shouldn’t be on the road. He’ll keep running over test dummies until someone listens.
2022-10-20 #article