On Chomsky...

I was a fan all my adult life. For many years.
It was sad to listen and hear an old man spewing such things about the pandemic and the unvaccinated.
First of all, dear professor, vaccinated people can and do get sick and they can and do transmit the disease (COVID19) in the same way. If you receive an mRNA vaccine, or experimental preventive treatment as I call it, it does NOT mean you can't get sick or can't infect people around you.
Secondly you are confusing vaccination with prevention. I am not vaccinated (and that IS my choice and only mine), and where masks are required I wear one. So yes, I respect the rules although I am unvaccinated.
Anyway, old man, take it easy and take care.
It is time to rest before you lose any and all relevance you might have had. At least for me.
Or in your own words, it is time to isolate yourself from society :)
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