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Angie Vinchito's IDFA-awarded provocation turns to YouTube and TikTok for first-hand accounts of school life where even children can face violence for resistance.
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Concise, critical reviews of #books, #exhibitions, and projects in all areas and periods of art #history and visual studies
The Danish Data Protection Agency has looked into the tool #Google Analytics, its settings, and the terms under which the tool is provided. On the basis of this review, the Danish Data Protection Agency concludes that the tool cannot, without more, be used lawfully. Lawful use requires the implementation of supplementary measures in addition to the settings provided by Google.
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publishes NYRB Classics, The New York Review Children’s Collection, NYRB Kids, New York Review Comics, and NYRB Poets.
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is one of the first openly accessible, peer–reviewed journals on the Internet, solely devoted to the Internet
covers all the latest books each month, ranging from #history and biography to memoir and fiction. Each issue contains sixty-four pages of reviews from some of the leading authors, journalists, academics and thinkers in Britain in a variety of fields. It aims to reach a wide audience of readers who enjoy intelligent and accessible writing.
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is the leading progressive political and cultural magazine in the United Kingdom. Founded as a weekly review of #politics and #literature on 12 April 1913, the New Statesman has notably recognised and published new writers and critics, as well as encouraged notable careers. Today, it is a vibrant print-digital hybrid, and one of the most respected and influential titles in the United Kingdom.