On slow Internet...

Remember the time, and most of you don't, when the Internet was really slow? In the early nineties, when I got online it was a very different time. But most of all the Internet was slow. You had to sit there for minutes and just wait for the information. You had time to think. Everything you read was received with awe and excitement. It was all there. So much information and knowledge and you had to do is "wait for it."
One had respect and gratitude for the very existence of the Internet in those days. Time and attention were much more under the control of the user. Today it's a whole different game.
I miss those days, that is all...
If we want online discourse to improve, we need to move beyond the big platforms.
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We only loved non-fungible tokens – now all but worthless – during a pandemic peak of online loneliness. What will the next craze look like?
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New research shows a significant gender gap in use of digital privacy and security #tools
Here you will be able to explore what is widely considered to be the most beautiful #book ever produced.
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Quote of the Day

“…as I wander the internet, I wonder where the digital gardens are that will connect me to fellow gardeners more deeply. More often than not, the digital gardens of today are botanic—privately owned online spaces made for visitors to fawn over while a “do not touch” sign looms in view. These private gardens are generative for our personal learning, but they are far from the communal gardens I grew up in that valued collective work and knowledge. Where are the digital gardens that lead us towards collective learning, play, and dreaming?”

On Digital Gardens: Tending to Our Collective Multiplicity by Annika Hansteen-Izora