On ChatGPT...

I am more than pleasantly surprised by a number of ChatGPT 3.5 aspects: mathematics, code, keyword extraction, translation, and the similar more technical tasks... But man, what a shitty creative writer.
First of all it's incredibly "naïve" but in an adult way. The worst combination in my view and I must say incredibly weird. It's a language model, there is no creativity. There is no personality. Sterility is the central feature of every construct.
I am sure 4.0 is better and things will get "better". But, at this point in time it's an optimistic failure from what I gathered.

And, yeah, I let it respond:

I appreciate your feedback and perspective on my capabilities. It's valuable to hear both positive and constructive criticism. While I strive to excel in various technical tasks such as mathematics, code, keyword extraction, and translation, I understand that my creative writing abilities might not be up to your expectations. I do aim to improve and evolve over time, and I'm constantly learning from user interactions to enhance my performance.

It's important to note that while I can generate creative text, my output is based on patterns and data from the text I've been trained on, and I don't possess personal experiences, emotions, or consciousness like a human does. As for the evolution of future versions, I'm designed to improve and learn from user interactions, so I'm optimistic that future iterations will continue to refine my abilities.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I'm here to assist you with any tasks or questions you may have, whether technical or creative. If there's a specific way you'd like me to help or if you have any further comments, please let me know!

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