is a #film director and photographer whose work covers two decades of documenting #music, art, #fashion, and celebrity.
2022-8-5 #article
is a specialized online art bookstore. Established in #Madrid, TAMBOURINE’s catalog includes magazines and #books on art, #design, #photography, #architecture and #fashion by independent publishers and self-published authors from all corners of the world.
2022-7-13 #article
The model’s pussybow and jacket ensemble at Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial was the #fashion moment of the week
(1932-2012) was born in Boston, USA. He studied photography in New York with Alexey Brodovitch, Richard Avedon and Bruce Davidson, and then worked in commercial photography – editorial, #fashion, #advertising and rock and roll. In the early 1960s he came to #London, working again in advertising and fashion, but later abandoned his commercial practice altogether. Since the 1970’s Vandenberg’s own pictures – as against those by which he earned his living – have been made on the streets. He describes himself first, in New York, moving from one depressing neighbourhood to another, collecting indiscriminately, images of poverty, urban low-life and ethnic minorities, old people, street people – subjects already adopted and explored by Diane Arbus and Garry Winogrand.
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based in Malmö, Sweden – was little more than the kernel of an idea in our minds. Our plan was to develop and publish a range of coffee table #books containing a smart, interesting and eclectic mixture of art, #culture and #fashion.
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