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includes more than 425,000 images, documents and videos representing more than 14,000 exhibitions, performances and other projects.
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Founded in 2019 by Florent Martini and Pierre Dufresne, PPOffice works in the fields of contemporary art & cultural production alongside artists and artist collectives, exhibition curators, publishing houses and art centers on both a local and international level. Acknowledging the role of designers in reshaping collective imaginaries & suggesting narratives of sustainable futures, the two partners bring their creative skills to bear on relevant and engaging initiatives facing the social and environmental challenges of our time. PPOffice encourages a dynamic & collaborative approach based on image research applied to the field of communication, graphic #design and #typography. Depending on each project and its context and purposes, the two partners gather outside designers working in various creative disciplines to join them in this credo.
is an independent art journal showcasing contemporary #visual #culture with a strong focus on collage and mixed #media art.
The public domain is the realm of material—ideas, images, sounds, discoveries, facts, texts—that is unprotected by intellectual property rights and free for all to use or build upon. Our economy, #culture and #technology depend on a delicate balance between that which is, and is not, protected by exclusive intellectual property rights. Both the incentives provided by intellectual property and the freedom provided by the public domain are crucial to the balance. But most contemporary attention has gone to the realm of the protected.
Literary Hub is an organizing principle in the service of literary #culture, a single, trusted, daily source for all the news, ideas and richness of contemporary literary life. There is more great literary content online than ever before, but it is scattered, easily lost—with the help of its editorial partners, Lit Hub is a site readers can rely on for smart, engaged, entertaining writing about all things #books. Each day—alongside original content and exclusive excerpts—Literary Hub is proud to showcase an editorial feature from one of its many partners from across the literary spectrum: publishers big and small, journals, bookstores, and non-profits. #literature
The Institute of the Cosmos is an ongoing #collective research project founded in 2019 and commissioned by the 2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, RIBOCA 2. Informed by the historical ideas of Russian Cosmism, the Institute is a space for a #creative investigation of the materiality of the cosmos and its strange universalism, from the perspectives of #philosophy, #anthropology, #history of #science, and art.
Published by the Los Angeles Review of #Books and edited by Michael Marder, The Philosophical Salon‘s mission is to bring together leading intellectuals from across the world in a single forum where their reflections on things that matter to us all can be heard.
offers critical reflections on contemporary #culture: how we shape it, and how it shapes us. Published three times a year by the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, our journal draws on the best scholarship and thought from the humanities and social sciences to craft an interdisciplinary approach that explores and illuminates the puzzles, vexations, and dilemmas that characterize the modern predicament.
Discussion of fictional eugenics program in the SF Dune-verse and how it contradicts contemporary known human genetics but suggests heavy agricultural science and Mendelian inspiration to Frank Herbert’s worldview.
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