Please, please,

Tina Forte is not real! :)
Wholeheartedly recommended hosting provider: All my sites are hosted at their European Data Centre.
I worked with at least 7-8 different hosting providers in my life. By far they are the best. 13/10.

The Truth

Whatever you heard about me - it's true.


1. No more Google Docs, GMail, Google Forms or Google Groups. I am in the last phase of disconnecting from them.
2. Two years ago I got banned from Twitter because I connected the RSS feed from this blog to my profile to export posts and used a burner SIM to register. It was "suspicious" to them.
3. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Meta. I can't even start telling you what they're about.
4. A few months ago I got locked out of my Telegram account because I used the same burner SIM on my phone to register. I do that all the time. Seems like they didn't like it either.
So, all in all, 2022 is going well and I am the master of my domain. ;)
All my E-Mails are handled by: Recently I checked out 4-5 desktop E-Mail clients that failed for various reasons, from running Google spyware/malware in the background to non-existent RTL support.
I got the PRO version for $50 and that is a fair price too.
It has built in privacy measures (that is very important to me), and loads of functionality. Also, easy to customize for different needs. Made in Europe.
And yes, they are doing exactly what I anticipated. Glad I am leaving GMail in time.
$6 a month for small businesses, gimme a break!
When is this model going to be applied to individual users? In a year or less?
They are fucking EVIL capitalists!

Another one's bytes to dust...

In a bid to remove any association with #American BIG TECH companies I have removed PayPal as means of supporting my work from all the websites it appeared on.
From now on I accept only cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC.
Take a look at the bottom of the page... And thank you if you do decide to help. I appreciate every little help I get in trying to build an independent, non-centralised, and private web.
#code #work

Next on the agenda...

I am leaving all other #Google services I've been using, such as GMail, Google Groups, etc.
This will take time, but I will be BIG TECH free on all fronts. Especially from American BIG TECH companies.
Also, beginning of July I am moving all my sites and data to a European data center.
If and when fascism kicks in nothing is safe. And my bet at this moment is that the U.S. and its BIG TECH corporations are heading that way.

And... It's done!

Dear #America,
now all of you can get guns freely, no checks - nothing, and carry them around concealed just in case you have to "defend" yourself.
Also, abortion is no more your constitutional right.
All you need to do now is elect Trump and let him and his family and friends rule without elections for the next 50 years and you have achieved fascism. Just don't forget to legalize slavery...
From a great idea you created shit!
You are now the most primitive country in the whole world.

Work never ends...

I am slowly but surely removing all Google Fonts links from all my sites and hosting all the fonts on my servers.
Why? Because Google Fonts script tracks users that visit my sites and I will not be EVIL! No matter what!
#work #code

Update: None of my sites has Google Fonts embedded. Now, I have severed my ties to Google 100%. Everything from additional scripts to fonts is hosted by me.
Need a few days to see that the transition is smooth and QA all of the pages. Bye bye #Google.

If you need advice on how to do it, talk to:
me [at] altneu [dot] me

Top ten scientific and philosophical influences and inspirations, at the moment, and in no particular order:

Ludwig Boltzmann
Kurt Gödel
Georg Cantor
Slavoj Žižek
Chris Hegdes
Mikhail Bakunin
Richard Wolff
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel
Alan Turing
Nikola Tesla

#mathematics #physics #philosophy