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is an artist working with a huge interest in #biology-inspired #technology.
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From sunflowers to starfish, symmetry appears everywhere in biology. This isn’t just true for body plans – the molecular machines keeping our cells alive are also strikingly symmetric. But why? Does evolution have a built-in preference for symmetry?
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https://64.media.tumblr.com/805019bdd5374e43fce5c2ab0372d950/4fe1fcdbf4376e76-fe/s500x750/69c161cf4101f025c4c8ae15d4ee323992d4fee3.jpg Wei Fu/Royal Society of Biology
Scholarpedia is a peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia written and maintained by scholarly experts from around the world. Scholarpedia is inspired by Wikipedia and aims to complement it by providing in-depth scholarly treatment of topics within the fields of #mathematics and #science including #physics, #biology, behavioral and #social sciences.
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AlphaFold can predict the shape of proteins to within the width of an atom. The breakthrough will help scientists design drugs and understand disease.
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is a distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics, including the process of protein folding and the movements of proteins implicated in a variety of diseases. It brings together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations of protein dynamics on their personal computers. Insights from this data are helping scientists to better understand biology, and providing new opportunities for developing therapeutics.
Physicists have watched a chain of 15 amino acids interfere with itself, in an #experiment that paves the way for a new era of #quantum #biology.
Berlin-based paper artist Katrin Rodegast has always been interested in human biology, and in collecting old, illustrated science books. So, when science and tech university ETH Zurich asked her to create body parts made out of maps of Zurich...