*20 years ago I spoke out about "fake" working software presentations. Of course I was attacked by everybody and left the company soon after. To this day I think this is the stupidest way of selling a product. If it works show it, if not don't fool people into thinking something actually works.
2023-1-12 #article
Dan O’Dowd says Tesla’s ‘Full Self Driving’ software shouldn’t be on the road. He’ll keep running over test dummies until someone listens.
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2022-7-16 #siteoftheday
The Tesla CEO is really trying to kill his #Twitter deal. His reason is peak BS.
A group of Black employees claim Tesla did nothing to stop racism in the workplace
*What did you expect to rise from apartheid money?
Fifteen black former or current employees allege they faced racial abuse and harassment at carmaker’s factories
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