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Mark Zuckerberg Answers to #Facebook's Moderation of Controversial Content
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2022-8-19 #article
Owner of #Facebook and Instagram is using code to follow those who click links in its apps, according to an ex #Google engineer
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Regulators are close to stopping #Meta from sending EU data to the US, bringing a years-long privacy battle to a head.
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1. No more Google Docs, GMail, Google Forms or Google Groups. I am in the last phase of disconnecting from them.
2. Two years ago I got banned from Twitter because I connected the RSS feed from this blog to my profile to export posts and used a burner SIM to register. It was "suspicious" to them.
3. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Meta. I can't even start telling you what they're about.
4. A few months ago I got locked out of my Telegram account because I used the same burner SIM on my phone to register. I do that all the time. Seems like they didn't like it either.
So, all in all, 2022 is going well and I am the master of my domain. ;)
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https://i.imgur.com/rCWbBju.jpeg #Facebook knows what's hot!
How #Facebook was locked out of the Oscar’s suprise incident
Last night, 24 March, the European Union made a great step forward to better protecting our rights online as it approved the political trilogue compromise for the Digital Markets Act (DMA). This decision promises to challenge the strongly centralised environment of Big Tech platforms exerting too much power over our rights and over the flow of information in #society. Tech companies like #Facebook, #Google, Amazon and Apple will have to start following strict rules that ensure free and fair competition in the #digital markets.